reducing and increasing camlock
Reducing and increasing camlock coupling
Reducing and increasing camlock coupling
Our camlock coupling are made to standard of A-A-59326 (superseding MIL-C-27487) or DIN 2828.
Material: Aluminum and Stainless steel
A2015 AA150
A2030 AA1520
A3020 AA200
A3040 AA2025
A4030 AA2030
A4060 AA300
A6040 AA3040
B1510 AA400
B2015 AA4060
B3020 AA600
B3040 DA1510
B4030 DA1520
C3020 DA2015
C3040 DA2030
C4030 DA2040
D1510 DA3015
D2015 DA3020
D3020 DA3025
D4030 DA3040
E3020 DA4020
E4030 DA4030
F2015 DA4060
F3015 DA6040
F3020 DD150
F3040 DD200
AA100 DD300
AA125 DD400

Types: A, B, C, D, E, F, AA, DD, DA
Cam levers: We use stainless steel cam levers or brass cam levers.
Pins, Rings and Safety clips: We use steel plated or stainless steel Pins, Rings and Safety clips.
Sealings: NBR, EPDM, Viton, PTFE envelop gasket, Other materials are available on request.
Threads: NPT, BSP (We usually make the female thread parallel BSPP, male thread tapered BSPT)

Reducing and increasing camlock coupling
Part A | Part B | Part C | Part D | Part E | Part F | Part AA | Part DD | Part DA

1. Competitive prices
We have our own foundry with machining, assembling, testing all together, we are able to control the cost and quality in every step.
2. High and stable quality in both casting and machining
A. We use standard raw material from big factory, we provide chemical composition if needed.
B. We cast the products by ourselves, our castings are good quality.
C. We use diamond cutting (machining) tool, whip keep the product good quality and shiny.
3. Big volume regular stock
We keep 150000+ pcs of regular casting, semi-finished products and finished products in stock, which enable us to deliver the goods in time.
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