Project Description

Bauer coupling
Material: steel plated
Sizes: from 2″ to 12″
BAUER coupling originally used for irrigation and for conveying concrete, пенобетона and other heavy and dense masses. compounds BAUER (details and pipes are used in agriculture, horticulture, industry, construction of roads and tunnels for diversion of groundwater or wastewater, waste water systems in the mining industry for pumping water, mud, transportation of granular and powder materials, transportation of liquid and dry concrete and construction. BAUER are made of galvanized steel compounds of this type have found very wide application.
the advantages of the system.
the simplicity of compounds;
the possibility of connecting pipes from the angle of up to 15 degrees.
full sealing even when contaminated compounds.



1. Competitive prices
We have our own foundry with machining, assembling, testing all together, we are able to control the cost and quality in every step.

2. High and stable quality in both casting and machining
A. We use standard raw material from big factory, we provide chemical composition if needed.
B. We cast the products by ourselves, our castings are good quality.
C. We use diamond cutting (machining) tool, whip keep the product good quality and shiny.

3. Big volume regular stock
We keep 150000+ pcs of regular casting, semi-finished products and finished products in stock, which enable us to deliver the goods in time.

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